Camp as an Adult Heart Helper

“Welcome to Hogwarts”.

With these words a week of magic began for Heart Kids from around the country. I was lucky enough to be attending my fourth camp as an adult helper after years of enjoying the fun with no responsibility. I got to catch up with heart kids that I left behind in Palmerston North and catch up on all their news.

Just over $27 000 raised in Heart Stopper Challenge

 Thank you to everyone who helped in some way with the
Heart Stopper Challenge on Friday 10th  October.  It was an awesome event with 20
teams in the most amazing costumes raising so much – currently this is just over
$27 000 but I think there are a couple more donations to come.  It was a real community effort to make it happen with so
many people raising their hand to help, making it the success it was. Thank you al so so much.  

  Teams in Plunge  Order Online   Fundraising so far… Theme
1 Team Ruby-Rose $1,826.86 Bathtime
2 Apollo Projects 1 $1,645.00 Steve Urwin
3 Team Apollo 2 $1,975.00 Morph suits
4 Team Apollo 3 $1,085.00 Tropical island
5 Marriott's Team Tui $950.25 Penguins
6 Abbotts   Insurance $844.50 Abbots (monks)
7 Team Ricoh Ice   Warriors $1,203.75 Cyclists - lycra
8 Ice Angels $150.00 Angels
9 Play Wagonwheel $171.25 Cowboys
10 Jefkar   Holdings Ltd - Z (offline fundraising)   Z shirts
11 Marriott's Team   Kiwi 1 $325.50 doctors and nurses
12 Marriott's Team   Kiwi 2 $757.91 doctors and nurses
13 Marriott's Team   Fantail $698.35 Teabags
14 Marriott's Team   Fantail No 2 $909.35 Jellyfish
15 Chilly Willy $2,161.34 Penguins
16 Team Riccarton (NZ   Home Loans)   Mexicana
17 Team MOJ   AchyBreakyHEARTS $536.00 Painted prisoner   suits
18 Team Wynn Williams $2,814.40 Sharks
19 Wynn Williams   Christchurch $5,543.80 Superheroes
20 Team Wynn Williams   2 $2,481.37 Penguins
  13/10/2014 Online Total so far… $26,079.63  
  Offline Donations in the Day  
  Mariotts $200.00  
  Z $500.00  
  Ice Angels cash   fundraising $279.20  
  Abbotts   Insurance $20.00  
  MOJ $6.70 Total so far…
    $1,005.90 $27,085.53

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