A Heart Child going to School Education Evening

To be held on Wednesday 21st June 7.00pm (Venue to be advised)

 We have the following Guest Speakers who hope to cover most aspects of having a heart kid attend school—What you need to know about a child having surgery whilst attending school, What’s helpful so that parents and the school can work together and what resources may be available for your child

 Guest speakers Include:

 Dr Alex Binfield—Paediatrician at Christchurch Hospital

Brian Price—Principal of Swannanoa School

Sue Mills—RTLB  (Resource Teacher:  Learning and Behaviour)

A Paediatric Outreach Nurse will also attend


If this sounds like it is something you would like to attend Then please RSVP to Judith (Perhaps after street appeal week )

We will email everyone a small brief rundown on what each guest will be speaking about in a few weeks’ time

Drinks and Nibbles will be provided at the end of the evening