This year my peek behind the scenes was even more secretive as I attended as the Young Heart Adult Mentor. This meant that I got to catch up with fellow heart adults from around NZ while providing awesome (or slightly unorthodox) craft skills to the young campers.  I even got to attend the infamous “team leader meetings” where only the best gossip was shared (for the campers of course)!

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With a Hogwarts theme, I helped make countless capes, wands, hats, and even the occasional animal (centaurs, mermaids and Fluffy for variety). Working in the craft room meant I didn’t always see the kids out swinging, sliding and shooting but I loved the sports evening when I was released to go play with the kids. The team from Bartercard made sure that everyone was included and the campfire afterwards was hilarious.

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I can’t stress enough how amazing these camps are. Everyone is unique, but everyone understands. To see kids talking about their conditions, and the more able helping others out, shows you how amazing people can be. Heart kids inspire me every time I meet them. I have been attending these camps since I was 9 and the magic never truly leaves.

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The latest in wonderful innovations came from my peers of grown up heart kids. We organised so we all stayed in Auckland for an extra night after camp to enjoy Auckland, catch up, swap stories and commiserate. That I can hang out with others who I have known for years and who understand my story is amazing.

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So, to all the heart teens out there?   Stay awesome and keep attending camp and one day you might get to join us for karaoke!  Hannah - Young Heart Adult

Editor note: I am not sure if this is a threat or a promise!